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Reagan Capaci presents her new single and music video, “Don’t Recommend,” a retro-flavored, jazz-infused, soulful masterpiece. Featuring a nostalgic aesthetic and to-die-for early 2000s fashion choices, this visual is a 10/10. It’s relatable to see Regan and her friends having a good time as they talk about the world wind of emotions she’s feeling as her relationship falls apart. Additionally, her incredible vocals keep you riveted to the whole conversation, bringing a soulful and show stopping vibe.

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This single is taken from the artist’s seven-track EP, ‘See It Yet?’ Reagan serves as the narrator of the EP, delving into the many perspectives that surround her. The title See It Yet? is Reagan asking the listener, “Do you see what I see?” With T-Pain’s endorsement, Reagan combines her raspy vocals with R&B and jazz-infused tracks that can melt anyone’s heart.  

She goes for substance over silliness on the project, getting deep with her lyrical content and opening up her world through music. Speaking on the project, she says, “The hope with this project is for those who listen truly take the time to digest it. To understand and feel what it is to see things from a perspective outside your own. Whether it is the way you want to be loved, communicate with others, or decisions you make.”

The recordings of Reagan Capaci (“cuh-pay-see”) are guaranteed to capture the attention of any listener as soon as her raspy voice emanates from their speakers.

As Reagan absorbed the challenges her loved ones faced, she translated those experiences into music in an effort to lift their spirits. Reagan was driven by a passion to serve others that led her to pursue music full-time while completing her 4-year college degree. In the same manner, Reagan hopes that her music will act as a vessel and enable her to make a difference in the lives of those seeking solace through her music.

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Before the pandemic, she opened up for Doja Cat in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2021, she won the ASCAP Foundation Harold Adamson Lyric Award. In recent months, she has gained a lot of fans on TikTok after T-Pain discovered her last single “Don’t Recommend”

This fall, she will release a jazz-meets-R&B EP that focuses on the rawness of human experience.  


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