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While scrolling through my Instagram stories, I noticed my photographer had done a photo shoot with this musician named ‘Luck’. There was something about her style that really caught my attention. As I talked to my photographer about the experience, she boosted about Luck’s vocals and ability to bring something different to the music industry. It was immediately obvious to me that I needed to know more about her music after experiencing it for myself.

Luck is a Los Angeles-based artist with an ear for music and an eye for design. She knew at an early age that she wanted to be an entertainer. “I had a lot Of great influences growing up from different walks of life and that helped shape my perspective.”

You mentioned in your Paper interview that you overcame struggles, can you tell us a little about that journey and what principles helped you become the LUCK we know and love?

My biggest inspiration is definitely the complexities of life itself. I learned that the things that I once looked at as a flaw, or the things that would count me out and work against me, are now working for my highest good. I place a high value on my divinity these days. And I’m very intentional about keeping that space anchored. My emotions matter, my humanity is definitely relative .. but it doesn’t overrule what I know is already written for my life . I create from that space , and my purpose Is to share the good news. I’m so excited about this new language that I’ve discovered and beyond excited to have the opportunity to put it into the earth through my music & creativity.

If you don’t see a space for you, create one. Believing in yourself and your tribe is the way. It’s way more freeing and fulfilling to be you. 

At that same interview, you talk a lot about stepping into your divinity and your divine design. Can you tell us a little about how you learned to do that?

Yes, I surrendered to a higher being , I surrendered to everything I thought I knew and listened closely to the miracle that was happening inside of me . I became obedient to the art. when I wasn’t walking in my divinity it was because I had lost focus on what mattered the most . I understood that the worlds perspective had diluted my own. inner dominion was essential, and I had to become radically focused on who I wanted to be so that I could easily decipher who I was not. all these things highly effected my creativity . I started to show up differently in the world. And the music that I make is a full Reflection of my obedience.’ ‘It wasn’t luck’, Luck’s five-piece debut EP, was released in 2022.

It was in 2018 that she first embarked on this journey. Luck describes the EP as a small piece of a larger project about the endless stories she needs to tell. Besides referencing her stage name ‘Luck,’ the title also illustrates her journey to get to where she is today. “I’m here by grace , and this project doesn’t have my glory written all over it , it’s gods will. And the same goes for anyone else and their life, and all their hopes and dreams. The oil that is placed on an individual’s life is very specific to them. And no one can alter that. There’s no luck, it’s a journey and a will.”.

One of my favorite tracks on the EP is ‘Don’t Sweat’. This song gives off boss girl vibes and serves as the EP’s semi-closing track. Does this song reflect how powerful you have become after all your struggles?

Precisely! That’s what I discovered. And that’s what the overall ep stands for . Understanding that the power lies within all of us. We just have to search for it . There’s so many hidden gems and hidden glory trapped on the inside of us!

This song showcases your vocal abilities to the fullest. I really appreciate how true a singer you are. Thank you! I’m just obedient to art. I’m not selfish in that way. I do whatever the music calls for. All the notes and ideas are already there in the universe. I’m just the vessel.

The most surprising thing about this EP wasn’t that it didn’t have any features, but that I thought it did because of Luck’s different vocal ranges. Often, people think this because she has a lot of complexities in her voice. “Lots of characters. This project is luck featuring luck.”

Were you always interested in becoming a genre bending artist, or did you have a specific genre in mind?

I have always considered myself A citizen of the World! And there’s so many different ways to express myself . And my feelings don’t always sound or look the same, But they all are apart of me. it fee Good to know that people are feeling the same thing, receiving the message in the ways that I intended. These days I don’t feel alone anymore.

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This interview is in Issue 46. You can see it free here.

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