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Natalie Walker

The CEO of SocialsbyAdalyn, Adalyn, is a thriving content creator and social m edia m anager who I discovered while searching Instagram . It was the ‘aesthetic’ she brought that I found appealing. The theme matched mine so well that I was compelled to design her site. Though I did not know her, I messaged her in her DMs and offered to design her website for free. She agreed (later paying m e for it) and the rest becam e history.

As a young girl, Adalyn started making YouTube videos for fun as a way to spend her free time. Over time, she took YouTube more seriously until she reached 4000 subscribers. She then discovered Tik Tok and learned about the role of a social media manager. She was intrigued by it in a way she had never experienced before. “I started taking on clients and managing their social m edia accounts and creating tons of content for them , as well as my own.” .

Natalie Walker
Natalie Walker

In your role as a social media manager, do you find it difficult to convince people that social media is necessary ? Why is it ?

Sometimes it can be very difficult to convince people that social media is necessary. Many people are still afraid of change, and doing things differently. A very common way of getting your business out there is by word of mouth, and some people rely only on that, even though social media is where the true magic is at.

Her decision to leave her 9- 5 has been largely attributed to the fact that she finds it extremely difficult to do both, stating, “I did not have a work- life balance and I was only working. I would work on m y social media management business, then get into bed at 12 AM and repeat this routine every day.” For those who are trying to pivot out of a 9- 5, she encourages them not to give up, “It sounds so cliche but it’s so im portant not to give up when things get difficult. It takes a lot of tim e and hard work to start your own business while working a 9- 5, but it’s so worth it.”

In the midst of the whole modern “aesthetic” trend, Why did you find it so attractive?

I love aesthetic content, and I think many people do as well. Life itself isn’t aesthetic, so I think it’s so interesting to watch “aesthetic” content because it shows life in a different, m ore beautiful, perspective. Sometimes content can just help people get away from their chaotic reality, and I think “aesthetic” content really does that for them .

In today’s business world, how important is ‘brand aesthetic’?

Brand aesthetic is so iportant and I can’t emphasize that enough. Your “brand aesthetic” is essentially what someomne pictures & envisions when your brand is mentioned or brought up.

Aside from managing brands’ social media’s, she is now dipping into UGC or user generated content creation. In this case, she uses herself as the focal point of content for other brands instead of just making graphics or using their content. She cites that she ’embraces authenticity’ which I personally think is what will keep her brand at the top.

Clearly, Adalyn is more than just a social media manager; she knows what she wants and will do her best to achieve it. In addition to valuing life, she is committed to helping others along the way. “I used to let people walk all over m e and make my own decisions, but now I’m taking that power back and living my own life.”

Natalie Walker

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