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Singer and songwriter Cashma has released her fourth studio album, titled “Sophisticated Mess”. This 11-track R&B masterpiece, produced by Mike Kalombo, is Cashma’s best release to date. Her sharp pen creates some of the most captivating and emotionally charged tracks with a mix of a fairytale feeling, bringing us into Cashma’s world of emotion and peace. In addition to fitting in with each other, each track in the album has its own unique sound. 

Cashma conveys her confidence in her musical abilities as well as her willingness to lay it all out there in this album. There is no fear with Cashma, as she goes after what she wants.

Favorite Track off the Album? Enticing

Second Favorite Track? Before I Let Myself Down

‘Enticing’ is one of Cashma’s finest performances. While telling the listener unapologetically how deeply in love she is, she floats on this beat. She adds a unique touch to the chorus with her stuttering style of the lines. Everything about this song is flawless. Mixing old school R&B with a modern sound, this beat appeals to those nostalgic late night moments we all enjoy.   

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