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Oh how we missed you miss Blue.

Alexi Blue returns with a jazz-infused album called Blue. Eight tracks of R&B perfection discuss the good and bad things about relationships, as well as being the friend to someone in a bad relationship. Incredibly relatable. When Alexi sings, she brings so much soul to her music. You’ll feel chills.

There are two songs on this project that stand out to me: Cloud 9 and Queen B & Jay. Two ultimate smashes, the first with a feature that accentuates the already FIRE track to another level. With her high notes riding the beat so effortlessly, the second favorite just touches my soul. With its smooth sound, ‘Hold You Down’ deserves an honorable mention. I think it’s an incredibly powerful song as well, because it illustrates what many of us girls go through with our besties who get into less-than-ideal relationships. Even though we know they deserve better, it can be difficult to watch them suffer.

It’s a no skip project and we are glad to have Alexi back blessing our playlist with her talent and passion for good music.


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