Fleurir Magazine is an independent publication that was founded by a 15-year-old fan girl who sat in her bedroom and wrote stories. Today, Ella Rae (27), the company's CEO, has rebranded her love of storytelling into Fleurir, an Italian word meaning "blossom". Fleurir Magazine, formerly known as Reignland, prints and releases three issues a year with mini zines in between to ensure that the right stories are crafted at the right time. Besides publishing kick ass issues, the team uses their platform to write insightful reviews, news, tips, and more for their audience to read and share.

"As a platform, I want creators of any kind to feel seen. There is no magical entrance to get in. Once you pick up a guitar or write your first song, you are already in.", Ella adds. "

Fleurir Magazine is under Reignland Creatives LLC.